We care considers a set of values in its works, such as:

1. The international legislation of Human Rights

2. The participation and the teamwork with the community individuals and groups to create a change using civic and peaceful means

3. The equality of people without any kind of discrimination on the bases of race, gender,

religion, social level, etc.

4. Depending democracy as a way to take decisions

5. Independency in administrational and financial affairs

6. Adoption of the institutional system.

7. Adoption of information, statistics and planning in the implementation of the programs of the Organization.

8. Reach the most needy person.

9. Training and providing work requirements for workers in the work environment.

10. Utilization of specialties, expertise and modern technology.

11.Monitoring, monitoring and evaluation.

12. Partnership, networking and advocacy.

13.Abiding by the laws in the work areas.